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Penenden Heath
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"I had known Mick for quite a few years before starting my driving lessons with him. He's a great guy that know's what he's on about when it comes to driving. Never had any problems and was very flexible with times for lessons. Considering I passed first time, I couldn't ask for any more. Great instructor. Would always recommend him to anyone who's considering learning to drive"

Kieran, Maidstone

"Learning with Mick was one of the best experiences of my life so far, it has shaped me not only in how I drive but also how I approach life as a whole. His teaching quality is fantastic and his ability to understand young drivers is exceptional as well. I highly recommend Mick's School of Motoring and I hope, if you choose to learn with him, that you will also"

Charles, Maidstone

"Getting to 30 years and still not being able to drive, I was always going to be a difficult student but I honestly believe if I had gone with anyone else, I would have given up! We (I) had a few 'eventful' lessons and when I really had enough, you still had confidence in me. I always felt you were teaching me to be a good driver and not just trying to get me through my test. Lessons were relaxed and completely at my own pace (although you gave me that gentle push when needed). I recently had to get my little girl to hospital, no more urgent ring rounds, just a quick jump in the car. You gave me that freedom. What can I say, you are the most patient man I know - and I tested your limits! Thank you"

Laura, Larkfield 

"Mick was recommended to me by a friend. I'm 24 but had no driving experience. Mick is patient as well as being a great communicator and made sure I soon felt at ease behind the wheel. He's easy to get along with and makes sure lessons are enjoyable as well as educational. Thanks to Mick I passed first time, with only one minor. I would and have recommended him to both family and friends."

Lorcan, Larkfield

"Before I met Mick, I hardly knew the difference between the clutch and the accelerator but by the end of the lesson, he had me driving with confidence. As easy going and relaxed as he is, it makes it very easy for you to relax and concentrate on driving. I'd recommend anyone to Mick as he will pass you and is very understanding of new drivers."

Antoney, Lenham

"Mick has all the qualities of a great driving instructor. He is easy to get along with and always made me feel at ease despite times when I was anxious behind the wheel. He has a fantastic method of teaching, including visual aids, which is really useful to help develop an understanding of the Highway Code. It took me around half a year to pass, so I would highly recommend Mick"

Kelly, Maidstone

"Mick was recommended to me by a friend who is learning with him. I had driving lessons booked for my 17th birthday and I was really looking forward to my first lesson. Mick immediately made me feel relaxed whilst driving and I found him very easy to understand. His instructions were detailed yet simple to understand. Mick was flexible with his driving lesson times and locations allowing me to make the best use of my time as I am still studying at school. Thanks to Mick I passed first time after only three months. I am now enjoying my new found freedom, thank you Mick."

Connor, Maidsone

"Before Driving with Mick, I had little confidence and absolutely no experience driving a car. As overwhelmimg as the first few lessons were, he was able to put me at ease and soon built up my confidence. He remained calm and collected in all situations, no matter how stressful they were to me! Within no time I was confident in my ability to pass and thanks to Mick, I did first time. I would highly recommend Mick as a driving instructor, no matter what your previous experience behind the wheel. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and I owe my many thanks to you, Mick. I will definately point anyone your way who is looking to drive."

Sophie, Maidstone

"As a 24 year old girl who had never been behind a wheel before, I found learning to drive a struggle. Mick helped me to keep calm and he soon learnt the techniques of teaching that worked for me personally. Although it took me a little longer to pick up the basic controls, he was patient and flexible with lesson times. Would recommend (have already recommended!) to anyone who was interested in learning to drive!"

Zoe, Boughton Mon Chelsea

"It has been a great experience learning with Mick, as before I started with him I could barely pull away but after having lessons over a couple of months, I passed my driving test with no faults or any errors. Mick is a great person and a good laugh. He taught me everything I needed to know about driving and helped me go through my theory test and still kept in contact when I had to retake it 4 weeks after the first attempt. Thanks to Mick I know I have the freedom to drive anywhere I want (until the fuel runs out!) I am glad I chose him and would recommend him to everyone I know. Thanks for the experience."

Mark, Maidstone

"Mick was my first and only driving instructor I had whilst learning to drive and he was fantastic. He is very friendly and patient, which makes lessons very laid back and enjoyable and also takes the pressure off you whenever you mess up behind the wheel. On top of this, I passed my test first time with few minors, so I could not recommend him enough"

Brendon, Maidstone

"He always made me feel comfortable and at ease and gave me confidence"

Charis, Maidstone

"Before driving with Mick, I didn't have a clue about driving a car, however as my first lesson went on, I picked it up straight away and I enjoyed every second of driving. Mick is a great person to have your lessons with and he also has a laugh along the way as well. Mick made me feel relaxed when I started driving and I could understand everything  he was explaining to me to make me pass. Mick is very flexible when you want your lessons, as I had them every week to make sure I passed first time. I love driving now, he really teaches you well to know everything about a car. I have recommended Mick to people and they have passed first time as well. I will keep recommending you to all my friends. Thank you Mick"

Beth, Maidstone

"As a new driver, it is often an uncomfortable and challenging task learning to drive; most importantly trying not to stall at large juctions. However, from the first lesson Mick made me feel confident in the car and supported me along the way; helping me not just to correct any mistakes but also telling me why the mistake may have happened and how I could avoid it next time. In the car, conversation was easy and I quickly lost any nerves I had driving around Maidstone. It is because of Micks' tuition I was able to pass my driving test first time, for which I am very grateful. To anybody considering learning with Mick, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him"

Sam, Maidstone

"Mick helped me to gain so much confidence in my abilities and was always very patient. I am very shy but felt at ease and comfortable on my lessons and he always made them enjoyable. I have absolutely no regrets choosing to learn with Mick and would highly recommend him to anybody!  I learned so much and am grateful for his help in passing my driving test!"

Becca, Maidstone

"Anybody looking for a friendly driving instructor, please look no further. I have left driving until well into my 30's and was pretty hopeless to start with but having a great driving instructor certainly challenged this and I would not hesitate to recommend Mick to anyone. He is very patient and will make sure you are safe on the road first and foremost but when it comes to learning he will try and push you to improve and try harder driving routes. I have passed my driving test on first attempt with only a couple of minors and that says it all! Somebody else would have given up on me a long time ago and we certainly had some eventful lessons! Despite all of this Mick has turned it into a great and fun experience. Thank you for teaching me to drive!"

Ivana, Maidstone

"Mick was recommended to me by a friend. Thanks to Mick I passed first time after 4 months. Before my first lesson, I was very nervous to begin driving, Mick was very friendly and made me feel relaxed behind the wheel. This made lessons very enjoyable. Lessons were very flexible which enabled me to fit them in and around school, which I found very useful. I have already recommended Mick to several of my friends and will continue to recommend him to anyone I know wanting to start driving. Thank you Mick from your star pupil :)

Megan, Maidstone

"I met Mick through a friend that suggested him to me. I had my first lesson with him on my 17th birthday and every lesson I have had since that was a fantastic experience. Mick is a brilliant driving instructor, he built up my confidence in driving and helped me pass first time with no faults. I would highly recommend, as not only is he a good driving instructor but is also a good friend"

Bradley, Maidstone